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Brian Reid PhD - Clinical Counsellor

Searidge Drug Rehab

Brian Reid,Ph.D is a clinical counsellor at Searidge Drug Rehab. He facilitates group and individual therapy sessions for residents that support them in creating sustainable drug addiction recovery plans. His goal is to guide residents to use positive psychology to raise self-awareness of individual strengths and develop coping strategies and lifestyle changes to support the growth strengths.

At Searidge Drug Rehab, Dr. Reid’s focus is working with personality issues related to substance abuse. He helps our residents focus on the positive emotions they experienced from past events, current happiness and plans for the future. With these therapies his goal is to support residents as they redevelop and discover personal strengths such as the ability to develop and maintain relationships and careers, imagination, resilience, integrity, self-awareness, and self-moderation. Brian’s technique of positive psychology is the scientific study of personal assets that can help our residents move towards leading meaningful fulfilling lives, develop their virtues and skills and improve their daily experiences in family, work and leisure time in their lifelong recovery.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining the team at Searidge, Brian was a faculty member of Meritus University and also served on the Community Health Board for Annapolis County for two years. He has helped people build their strengths in emotions, work ethic and personal cognitive traits in three different countries.

Dr. Reid earned his masters in educational psychology at the University of British Columbia while working with a First Nations population. His dissertation research at Simon Fraser University focused on personal emotions and cognitions and their association with events of failure and success.

He continues to engage with research into risk behaviour and healthcare- he served as contributing analyst to a study on risk behaviour in the middle schools of Alexandria “Youth Risk Behavior Survey: A Final Report” (2007, 2008) as well as media such as The Chronicle Herald: “All talk, no action won’t fix health care”


Brian enjoys teaching, running, writing and helping others to reach their personal health goals.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind." -William James

Professional Credentials

  • MA Educational Psychology (UBC)
  • PhD Simon Fraser University
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