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Searidge Foundation is located in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. A place where the stars at night are bright and detailed, an area that is usually a little warmer than our oceanside capital city, and scenery that is picturesque, with rolling hills and lush green grass. Getting to Searidge from anywhere in Nova Scotia is a journey that we aim to make effortless. We value our clients, and we know that switching to a life of sobriety can be very stressful. As a result, we at Searidge strive to make the transition to a life of sobriety as stress-free as possible. In our effort to do so, we can have our driver pick you up anywhere in Nova Scotia, your home’s front door included! Once you arrive at Searidge Foundation and enter our building, the possibilities for your future are endless.

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Searidge Foundation clearly exemplifies the benefits of receiving drug rehabilitation treatment outside of your hometown. When you are away from all the distractions and familiar sights, sounds, and people of your hometown, the likelihood of succeeding in your sobriety greatly increases and with participation in our SMART recovery program, the chance for relapse greatly decreases.

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It is true, Searidge Foundation offers residents across Nova Scotia the chance to escape their life of addiction, by providing a sanctuary and a calm environment to begin a new chapter of their life without reminders from their past. Furthermore, receiving treatment at Searidge Foundation allows for a degree of privacy, not achievable if one were to remain at home. Searidge Drug Rehab has provided countless Nova Scotian residents with the support and treatment necessary to overcome addiction.

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Upon a clients return to their home, following completion of their drug addiction treatment at Searidge Foundation, there is a comprehensive aftercare program to help them maintain their sobriety. The beginning of the road to recovery and a life of sobriety starts at Searidge Drug Rehab Foundation.

Drug Rehab, Detox & Addiction Services Across Nova Scotia

Searidge Foundation

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
B0S 1A0
Phone: (866) 777-9614

Searidge Drug Rehab is a drug addiction treatment center whose objective it is to challenge, support and inspire those struggling with drug addiction dependencies. It was founded to meet the needs for a drug rehab centre that provides an elevated level of quality to recovery, at an affordable cost. We take pride in maintaining a limit of 12 residents at our drug rehab centre in order to maintain a consistently high level of quality through personalised care.

Annapolis Valley Health

15 Chipman Drive
Kentville, Nova Scotia
B4N 3V7
Phone: (902) 679-2392

Counselling allows individuals and families to access information and treatment related to alcohol, smoking, gambling, prescription drug use and other drug use by appointment. Services are based on client needs and support all individuals who are seeking help for substance use and/or gambling problems, including concerned family members, friends, or significant others.

Addiction Discussion Groups are offered on a regular basis.

All Saints Springhill Hospital

10 Princess Street
Springhill, Nova Scotia
B0M 1X0
Phone: (844) 380-4324

Referrals for withdrawal management are processed through the intake phone number. Following the completion of the intake, it will be reviewed by the psychiatrist and contact made for a scheduled assessment.

The Withdrawal Management Program helps people in crisis with substance use or gambling. Upon admission, staff helps people safely detoxify and manage the physical effects of their addiction. Afterwards, clients learn relapse prevention skills, plan their ongoing treatment and make contact with an addictions therapist and/or self-help group. We also offer personal and family counselling and assist with employability.

Addiction Services Soldiers Memorial Hospital

462 Main St
Middleton, Nova Scotia
B0S 1P0
Phone: (902) 825-6828

The Intensive Treatment Program combines functions of an inpatient withdrawal management (detox) and structured treatment, providing the support of a team-based approach. We match the program’s intensity and duration with an individual’s needs and provide a shared-care approach focused on engaging with each client’s circle of care and circle of support from admission to discharge.

Clients can enter the program needing withdrawal management or structured treatment programming and can receive both during their stay based on individual care plans.

The Intensive Treatment Program focuses on the strengths of our clients and communities. We serve clients across Nova Scotia who do not have access to supports and services that meet their needs close to home.

Foundation For Youth Support at Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital

PO Box 1180
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
B0J 2C0
Phone: (902) 634-3991

The Youth Support Program of Lunenburg and Queens Counties is a substance misuse treatment service for adolescents between the ages of thirteen and 19.

Pictou County Health Authority

690 East River Road
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
B2H 3S1
Phone: (902) 755-7017

This seven-day program is an introduction to rehab. It is a structured series of education and data sessions designed to help persons in the first stages of recovery. Candidates should be alcohol and drug free and must demonstrate motivation to form lifestyle changes previous to acceptance into T.O.P. An assessment procedure by either In-patient or an Out-patient Dependence Services employee can determine readiness for the program. Persons may participate in T.O.P. as an Out-patient if they therefore choose. Assessment and individual counselling are provided on a 1-on-one basis. Home or office visits could be arranged, as determined by individual needs.

Addiction Services Yarmouth - South West Health

60 Vancouver Street
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 2P5
Phone: (902) 742-2406


Addiction Services provides comprehensive prevention and treatment services to individuals, families and communities. Our programs help people harmfully involved with alcohol, other drugs or gambling, as well as provide support to family members and significant others. We are accredited by the Canadian Council on Health Services for our high standards, professionalism and maintaining best practices.

Aerial view of Halifax’s waterfront and the Halifax Harbour.

SMART Recovery Meetings at Searidge Drug Rehab in Nova Scotia

“SMART Recovery is an abstinence-based, not-for-profit organization with a sensible self-help program for people having problems with drinking and using. It includes many ideas and techniques to help you change your life from one that is self-destructive and unhappy to one that is constructive and satisfying. SMART Recovery is not a spin-off of Alcoholics Anonymous. No one will label you an “alcoholic”, an “addict” or “diseased” nor “powerless”, and if you do not believe in a religion or spirituality, that’s fine, too. We teach common sense self-help procedures designed to empower you to abstain and to develop a more positive lifestyle. When you succeed at following our approach, you may graduate from the program, or you may stay around to help others.

Searidge Drug Rehab offers a variety of aftercare programs to the residents of Nova Scotia to help ensure their sobriety is sustained. SMART recovery group meetings have proven to be incredibly beneficial to our Searidge alumni , one-on-one counseling, and group therapy are others that make up the comprehensive aftercare program offered in Nova Scotia. Over the phone and especially in-person meetings offer Nova Scotian residents the tools and support they require to remain drug free.

A huge benefit of the SMART recovery program that Searidge Drug Rehab offers is how we actively stay in touch with our clients. We are committed to our alumni at Searidge and provide them with Aftercare well past their graduation. We make sure to construct a plan that will work with their specific needs and current responsibilities.

Searidge Drug Rehab Aftercare Program offers alumni unlimited access to private NNG forums for alumni to stay in touch with each other, they can receive inspirational Twitter messages if they would like, you would have the option to participate in refresher weekends at Searidge as well. There are also group or individual therapy sessions over the phone with staff from Searidge. And of course, virtual or in-person SMART Recovery meetings

SMART Recovery, Drugs, Drug Addiction, Treatment, Sober Living, Rehab, Recovery, Therapy

Annapolis Royal Masonic Lodge

21 Church St
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
B0S 1A0

Sobriety 101 written in chalk on a blackboard

Narcotics Anonymous & Group Therapy Meetings Across Nova Scotia

Before going to the meeting, confirm the time and place for your area:

Central Nova Area (Outside Halifax): (800) 205-8402
Central Nova Area (Halifax): (902) 454-2913
Central Nova Area: (902) 459-4282

Therapy, Meetings, N.A, A.A, C.A, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcohol, Cocaine/Coke, Opiates/Heroin/Pills, Meth/Methamphetamine, MDMA/Ecstasy, Drugs, Drug Addiction, Rehab, 12 Steps, Treatment, Recovery, Sober Living, Higher Power


Saturday 7:30 pm
98 Church Street
Amherst, Nova Scotia
B4H 3B4


Tuesday 7:30 pm
216 School Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3A 2Y4


Wednesday 7:30 pm
16 Disciples Way
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
B3G 1A1


Friday 7:00 pm
6903 Mumford Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3L 2H4


Monday, Thursday, Friday - 7:30 pm
14 High Street
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
B0J 2C0


Saturday 8:00 pm
151 Temperence Street
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
B2H 3A9


Friday 8:00 pm
3750 Ellsworth Ave
New Waterford, Nova Scotia
B1H 2H8


Tuesday 8:00 pm
177 Middle Dyke Road
Port Williams, Nova Scotia
B0P 1T0


Sunday 7:30 pm
85 Main Street
Springhill, Nova Scotia
B0M 1X0


Thursday 8:00 pm
9 Brookland Street
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 5B1


Tuesday 8:00 pm
14 Pleasant Street
Trenton, Nova Scotia
B0K 1X0


Friday 8:00 pm
487 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 1E3


Friday, Saturday - 8:00 pm
25 Beacon Street
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 2W2

Clinical Psychologist & Qualified Addictions Counselors in Nova Scotia

Nakita Archibald
Counsellor, MA, RCT-C, CCC
ME Family Therapy and Resource Center
46 Inglis St - Suite 6
Truro, Nova Scotia
Phone: (877) 759-5014
License No. and State: RCT-C16-025 Nova Scotia
Supervisor Name: Elizabeth Berlasso
Supervisor License: RCT 04-005 Nova Scotia

“I have experience working from a trauma-informed approach with culturally diverse populations, and individuals with both addiction and mental health disorders, as well as trauma related disorders. I work with individuals seeking personal and interpersonal improvements, and work alongside individuals to assist in the development of skills for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, relationship and communication difficulties, and emotional regulation. In therapy through a holistic lens, I believe that beginning to find solutions for present and future stressors is of central focus, and the attention paid to past experiences be used to conceptualize present situations.”

Dianne Deveau-Nickerson Counselling Services
232F Main Street
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A
Phone: (902) 901-5346
Years in Practice: 37 Years
Dalhousie University Year of ‘91

“I've worked in Addiction Services, Mental Health Services, Palliative Care and Supportive Care for the Nova Scotia Department of Health for 35 years. Born on the French shore, and proudly bilingual, I've been fortunate to stay in the tri-county area working at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital, the Digby General Hospital, and Roseway Hospital. I'm presently engaged in private practice, and see clients at my Yarmouth office and have a satellite clinic in Clare.”

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