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Searidge stands among Canada’s best alcohol and drug rehab centers, recognized
for excellence in evidence-based psychotherapy and a high rate of successful recovery.

Covid-19 Safety

Naturally safe rehab during Covid-19 pandemic

We are inherently a very safe place to be during this pandemic. Here is why:

  • Everyone has their own private room and private bathroom which insures social isolation;
  • We have reduced our maximum occupancy by 40% to allow for even more social distancing;
  • Our common rooms are large and expansive allowing people to easily distance themselves;
  • We are in a quiet rural countryside area with a very small population, far away from visitors and foreign travellers and the dense population centers which are breeding places for the virus;
  • There have been no cases of covid-19 anywhere in our area;
  • All staff and all patients are tested twice daily for symptoms – no one with any symptoms is allowed to be at the premises;
  • All staff must report any symptoms they have or that anyone in their household has, and absent themselves;
  • We have very high sanitary standards and even those standards have been increased with more wipe-downs scheduled and increased handwashing mandated for patients and staff;
  • Most of our food is locally sourced and we are in a covid-19 free rural countryside area.
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National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers International Security for Traumatic Stress Studies The Canadian Positive Psychology Association The Association for Addiction Professionals
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