Drug addiction and rehab research articles.

3 September 2020

Resolutions are About Progress, Not Perfection

New year resolutions have become a tradition, fulfilling an aspect of the mythological wonder of the holiday season. Most people make resolutions that involve the “commitment” to improve their lives. They hope to work harder so that they can find a better job, they will eat a more healthy diet […]
3 September 2020

Addiction Vaccines Offer Hope but not a Cure

The latest research regarding the search for a vaccine for addiction involves antibodies. An antibody is a protein, shaped like a Y that is produced by B-cells in the body. Also called immunoglobulin, it is part of the human immune system and works as an agent to find and destroy […]
3 September 2020

How Changing Values and Goals Affect the Habits of Teenagers

A number of years ago I lived in a hard working fishing and farming community situated on the Atlantic seaboard. I was in my late teens working from 4am to 8am on a lobster boat and then from 9am to 5pm on a local poultry farm six days a week. […]
3 September 2020

Accountability – Responsibility…You Decide??

I read an article written in Business Week online regarding the nation’s Vicodin epidemic in the United States.  I began to question the issue of accountability within our Canadian health care system. Working as a nurse and counsellor in Substance Abuse and Addiction, as well as previous work experiences in Corrections and […]
3 September 2020

Quebec Man’s Stroke Cures His Cocaine Addiction

Melatonin in the Form of Dessert? Researchers in Montreal are investigating an interesting case of a man from Quebec who seemed to be cured from cocaine addiction after suffering a stroke. Although it’s been based on a single case report, the discovery could set the foundation for more addiction research to treat and […]
3 September 2020

Searidge Drug Rehab Recommended Reading: Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs

Dr. Marc Lewis’ Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs Provides Addiction Autobiography, Explanation, and Theory Marc Lewis, once opiate addict, now developmental neuroscientist, has just published an autobiographical account that details the life of an addict who started with alcohol and cough syrup as a kid […]
3 September 2020

Long Path to Battle Drug Addiction

For many years the medical profession treated addiction as a subject to be dealt with by those in the psychiatric fields, an issue of the mind. However, new studies linking addiction to heredity and chemical imbalances that may need to be treated by pharmaceutical means are turning the age old […]
3 September 2020

Scientist in China Makes Unique Discovery: Plant Micro-genes Found in Human Bloodstreams

Professor Chenyu Zhang, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology chair at Nanjing University has made a discovery about certain plant foods—including rice, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts—that promises to revolutionize the way we conduct our nutrition as well as our overall health. Zhang and his team have discovered the possibility of […]
3 September 2020

Searidge Drug Rehab Promotes Better Sleep

Melatonin in the Form of Dessert? Do any of these names ring a bell for you? Kush Cakes, Lulla Pies, or Lazy Cakes? Some people may say yes to this question and some may have never heard of these products before. The above three mentioned products are easily attainable baked […]

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