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Rebuilding After Rehab

By: Carol Morriscey

Returning to daily life after drug rehab can be challenging, taking small steps to reintegrate and rebuild is important for sustained recovery. You’ve worked hard and achieved your sobriety—Congratulations! But now it’s time to leave the safe haven of rehab and get back to real life. Searidge Foundation has an excellent and comprehensive Aftercare program to help you along the way as you get back to your day-to-day routine of work and responsibilities. However, even with an Aftercare program, this can be a challenging transition. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to rebuild healthy daily routines after rehab.

Clean Your House

A clean house is great way to get a fresh start upon you return home. Home should be our haven, where we can escape from the challenges of our day. Experts suggest starting in the bedroom. Simply making the bed is a small success at the beginning of the day, setting the tone for what follows. Getting rid of clutter reduces stress and encourages a more peaceful state of mind. Get out the Swiffer and get to work!

Take Control of Your Health

You’ve already taken the first big step to living a healthier life by overcoming your addiction. Now it’s time to make other important changes to improve your health. You may begin with making healthier meals or incorporating more exercise into your day. Start with small changes and build up to the big ones. This will improve your quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Set New Goals

Setting and working toward meaningful goals gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction crucial for a happy life. While in rehab your goal was to achieve your sobriety. Now that you have done so, it is important to set new goals. These goals should be measurable and attainable, giving you a reason to get up in the morning and something to look forward to each day. A combination of short- and long-term goals is optimal. This will encourage progress and satisfaction in your new life.

Get an Agenda

Agendas are the key to organization and time management—a must when rebuilding our lives. Having a plan and a to-do list will help make your day-to-day tasks sail by smoothly. Indeed, planning in advance will help you work towards your goals in a meaningful way, achieving them in a timely manner.

Meet up with Friends

Social networks are extremely important for our health and happiness. Therefore, upon your return to daily life it is important to reach out to those people who supported you through your recovery and mend the relationships which may have been damaged as a result of your addiction. If your old friends are triggers for use, begin a new hobby or activity which will help you find new friends who support your sobriety!

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