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Searidge Drug Rehab Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial to facilitate the recovery from drug addiction faster.Melatonin in the Form of Dessert?

Do any of these names ring a bell for you? Kush Cakes, Lulla Pies, or Lazy Cakes? Some people may say yes to this question and some may have never heard of these products before. The above three mentioned products are easily attainable baked brownies that are known and manufactured strictly to promote ultimate relaxation to whoever purchases and consumes them. These cakes have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration but the main ingredient in them is Melatonin.

For those who may not know exactly what Melatonin is; it is a chemical that one’s body naturally produces in order to help them relax but more importantly, sleep. The sleep cycle, when disrupted can create many problems for people, especially ones who may suffer from disorders such as anxiety, bipolar, and sleep. Another group of people who may be widely affected by lack of sleep are recovering addicts.

In the 90s the word Melatonin hit the market again, although it has been available for quite some time at any local pharmacy. Sixty 8 milligram pills would cost someone just a mere $11 but guarantee and goodnights sleep. It became so popular in the 90s amongst people who travelled very frequently because it was used to cure any jet lag someone may be experiencing. Now, in year 2011, Melatonin is being baked into relaxing brownies that can be purchased at college stores as well as the local 7-eleven or Walgreens for the whopping price of $4.

Some people have stated how Melatonin being baked into a brownie is still simply masking the fact that they are consuming drugs. A rebuttal to that statement could be that Melatonin is natural and something that your body produces already. Why not consume something that is natural versus something that needs a doctor’s prescription? If it has the same effect, why not try it? There have been many statements that support the fact that when a brownie has been consumed, at least a solid twelve hours of rest has followed.

As with any drug that creates drowsiness, heavy machinery should not be used when eating Lulla pies, nor should one attempt to drive a vehicle. Every person’s tolerance level is slightly different; some people may require a whole brownie while some find that only ½ of one will do the trick. As with any product that is available on the market, Kush Cakes can cause adverse reactions in people who consume the product and mix it with other products such as: birth control pills or sedatives.

When reading this article, one thing to keep in mind really is how Michael Jackson passed away. The use of the drug Propofol was injected intravenously to alleviate pain and create a euphoric state so he could relax and sleep. Propofol is typically used for the induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia. It is a powerful drug that can be mixed with others but can also cause serious problems when misused, as we can see in this situation. Only problem was that he had been administered the drug for such a long time that an exorbitant amount was being used at his time of death. Not to go into too much detail about this particular case, but this probably could have all been easily avoided had Michael Jackson been able to relax on his own and if he was on a regular sleep cycle. Chances are likely his pain would have lessened as would his anxieties and other ailments.

As mentioned earlier in this particular article, recovering addicts need sleep. Here at Searidge Drug Rehab Centre, this is something that we focus on to a great extent. Patients who are in recovery are offered their own private rooms, each of which has their own private bathroom as well. This can ensure that each client has the same opportunity to fully recover and restore a proper sleep cycle. It is also important for one to have their own personal space so they are able to be themselves and to be fully relaxed. Sometimes when recovery patients have to share a room, the other patient may set off trigger behaviours in the other and cause more issues in the long run. Here however, we like to focus on every individual as just that, an individual. Every person’s road to recovery is different and we really like to focus on that point.

Bottom line, there is no way around this. Sleep deprivation has been scientifically proven to cause relapse in patients. A great thing to consider too is that if someone is in recovery, the more natural ways to solve a problem in avoidance of taking new drugs would be the best route to go.

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