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A Better Father’s Day After Drug Rehab

By: Carol Morriscey

Becoming the Best Father You Can Be After Drug Rehab

A Father and his two sons play soccer, following drug rehab and successful drug addiction treatment. Drug abuse often damages many important relationships in a drug user’s life, and can prevent them from being a supportive and loving parent. When drug use is prioritized over parenting, the parent-child relationship becomes damaged or nonexistent. Drug rehab and addiction treatment provide the opportunity to reprioritize, and focus on the important things in life, while leaving addiction behind.

Traditionally, Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the father figure in a child’s life. However, if this relationship is in poor condition, Father’s Day is a great opportunity for you to turn the tides. Repairing this relationship won’t be easy, but it is certainly possible, beginning with small steps and considerable effort. With consistency and commitment, Father’s Days in the future could look a lot different for you and your kids!

A father reading with his daughter, strengthening their relationship after he received successful drug addiction treatment.Fulfill the Role of Caregiver

The number one role of a parent is to be a caregiver, providing basic human needs, such as shelter, food, and love, to their child. In order to build a strong and trusting relationship with your children, it is important to step into this role. As children age, the type of care they require evolves, but the fundamental principles underlying the role of caregiver remains the same. Namely, providing your child with the things they need in a consistent and reliable manner. In turn, this will make the child feel supported and comfortable, facilitating a healthy parent-child relationship.

Take Interest in Your Child

A father carrying his son and daughter along a beach, celebrating a successful Father’s Day following drug rehab.Just as with any relationship, expressing interest in the other person’s hobbies and favourite activities helps to build the relationship. If addiction has made you absent in their life, sit down with your child and learn about all of their favourite things. Take them to their soccer practices or play their favourite games with them. In turn, you can also teach them about your favourite hobbies. Hopefully, some common interests will be found. But most importantly, spend time with your kids and have fun!

As part of a holistic recovery from drug addiction, Searidge Foundation provides you with the skills and support required to build new relationships and fortify broken ones. One of the most important and rewarding relationships can be that with your children. With addiction no longer standing in your way, take the opportunity this Father’s Day to become the best dad you can be.

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