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Dancing through Drug Rehab

By: Carol Morriscey

What is Dance Movement Therapy

Four people in a dance studio, incorporating Dance Movement Therapy into their addiction treatment program in a drug rehab. Dance Movement Therapy employs dance as a remedy for psychological trauma. Dance Movement Therapy allows for physical, rather than verbal, expression of emotions and thoughts. This deviation from traditional talk therapy offers a solution to those individuals who have difficulty articulating and verbally sharing their feelings. Further, the combination of physical movement with emotional therapy allows for a restorative connection between the body and mind to be formed.

Dance Movement Therapy was developed in the mid 1900s by Marion Chase, a professional dancer, performer and choreographer. Integration of Dance Movement Therapy into hospitals and treatment centers showed promising results for treatment. Since then, Dance Movement Therapy has been incorporated in a wide range of settings, offering a creative alternative to conventional therapies.

Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy for Addiction Treatment

The underlying cause of many addictions is rooted in trauma. As such, in order to achieve a holistic recovery from addiction the trauma must be treated. Dance Movement Therapy offers an opportunity to heal through alternative mechanisms. By incorporating dance and movement into the traditional treatment process, individuals are able to develop their self-awareness, achieve a greater sense of calm, and build their self-confidence, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery. By combining a variety of treatment options, such as traditional psychotherapies, as well as Dance Movement Therapy, individuals are offered many avenues to explore their thoughts and feelings, and address the underlying causes of their drug addiction.

Group of women enjoying their Dance Movement Therapy class, an adjunct to traditional drug addiction treatments. How is Dance Movement Therapy Used in Drug Rehabs to Support Addiction Treatment

Because Searidge Foundation limits the number of patients at any one time, we are able to offer an intimate drug rehab experience. Our patient-focused approach allows us to incorporate individualized treatments for each of our patients. As such, patients receive tailored treatment plans, aimed at empowering them to overcome their addiction. Searidge Foundation has the flexibility to offer both traditional and alternative drug addiction treatments in combination, and tailor treatment according to the patients’ wishes.

Dance Movement Therapy is an excellent adjunct to the traditional treatments offered at Searidge Drug Rehab. Searidge Foundation strives to provide patients with therapeutic physical activity through activities such as swimming or horseback riding, and Dance Movement Therapy fits well into this aspect of treatment. Building trust and developing unique communication skills, Dance Movement Therapy empowers patients in addiction treatment programs to blend life skills and psychotherapy into an integrative approach to sobriety.

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