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Addiction Recovery and Building Better Relationships

By: Carol Morriscey

Importance of Social Support and Strong Relationships in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Addiction isolates and severs relationships, but rebuilding these relationships is the key to achieving a sustained recovery from addiction. Having strong, supportive relationships carries us through the struggles we inevitably experience in our lives. Such social support is an important determinant of health, well-being, and quality of life. This is especially true while going through drug rehab, and working toward sobriety. Having the love and support of family and friends gives us the hope and encouragement so fundamental to a holistic recovery. Unfortunately, the addiction which has placed someone in rehab often works to deteriorate these all-important relationships.

How Addiction Damages Relationships

Addiction does many things to make life difficult, most notably, it undermines meaningful relationships. Addiction isolates the user, putting strain upon relationships. Often, someone suffering from an addiction will prioritize drug use over spending time with their loved ones. Although this is a symptom of the disease, and not a conscious decision, it nonetheless damages their bonds with others. Eventually, loved ones lose their patience and no longer tolerate these actions. As a result, relationships become severed. Ironically, it is these relationships which will ultimately support a sustained recovery.

Rebuilding Strong and Meaningful Relationships after Drug Rehab

The hallmark of a successful recovery is to have a meaningful and satisfying life following sobriety. Indeed, this includes having strong, substantial relationships. As such, rebuilding the broken relationships and mending the damage done by addiction is a crucial step in achieving this meaningful recovery.

The first step to take in mending relationships is apologizing. Perhaps this is implied simply through the act of seeking addiction treatment. However, acknowledging the harm you have caused someone and formally apologizing is a strong and honest foundation on which to rebuild a relationship. This is not an easy step, but is important in both your own recovery, as well as the healing of those you have hurt.

The next step is to begin strengthening those relationships.

Communicate Openly and Honestly, and Practice Your Listening Skills

Communicate with your loved ones often. Now is your chance to leave behind the isolation of addiction and build a life filled with warm, loving relationships. Share your thoughts and feelings to encourage meaningful conversations, which strengthen bonds and trust. In turn, attentively listen to your loved ones when they are speaking to you. Listen with a goal of understanding in mind, not responding. If you truly understand what they are saying, you will respond in a much more meaningful manner. This mutual sharing of feelings and listening will help to build strong groundwork to rebuild the relationship, based on trust and honesty.

Make Time for Each Other and Prioritize Important Plans

Just as a plant needs water and sunshine to flourish, a relationship needs time spent together. Make sure to spend time with those you love, in order to strengthen your relationship, allowing it to grow and flourish. This time spent together will fortify your mutual bond, thus leading to a stronger relationship. Prioritizing the time spent with your loved ones is especially important. Post-rehab, life can be hectic. However, if time is set aside to spend with family and friends, it offers both necessary social support, as well as a haven from busy day-to-day tasks.

The relationships you foster are essential in your maintained sobriety.

Searidge Foundation takes a family-centered approach, seeking to begin the rebuilding of relationships early in the recovery process. Here, you will be given the tools and skills required to strengthen your relationships and rebuild a fulfilling and well-connected life, filled with support and encouragement following drug rehab.

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